de speaks

Diane is becoming a sought-after speaker, because she is known for using her passion and transparency to own her stories and sharing them to motivate others.  For the past 3 years, she has been invited by the Healthy Marriage Healthy Families Coalition of Tarrant County to speak at their annual Healthy Marriage Conference.  She also has been invited to speak at regional conferences for Sam Houston University's Correctional Management Institute of Texas. Additionally, she provides staff trainings for local businesses.  Diane facilitates a weekly woman's empowerment group and relationship classes for couples.


  • Forget the Fairytale...Live the Dream
  • The 7 R's of Soulful Living
  • You Have to Feel It to Heal It
  • I Will Remember for You...Caregivers Living with Ambiguous Loss


"Presenter is a great public speaker, very engaging personality...great metaphors...thought provoking!"

"Presenter communicated depth, understanding, competence and compassion!"

"Great presentation by keeping us engaged especially for a session after lunch, my favorite session so far!"